UPDATE – Dreams Come True for Kitten Whose Ears Were Burned Off Months Ago!

MARYLAND – A stray kitten whose ears had been burned off two months ago has a new home, according to BARCS Animal Shelter in Baltimore.


Duckie– whom BARCS volunteers believe was indeed hurt intentionally, as there were minimal injuries on the rest of her body– went home with her new mom on Monday.

“A big thank you to all who donated to Duckie’s care,” BARCS commented in a Facebook post. “The outpouring of love and support allowed us to not only cover her medical costs, but also the costs of so many more dogs and cat at BARCS. You made this day possible.”

Duckie was found basically lifeless in August on a window sill. The pads on her feet were also burned, her ears were freshly burned from the tips down and her whiskers were singed.