Documentary ‘Kedi’ About Istanbul’s Street Cats, Finally Lands On …

In case you hadn’t guessed already, “kedi” is the Turkish word for “cat,” and they are the titular stars of this wonderful documentary set in Istanbul.

The film became a surprise hit indeed with audiences and critics alike when it was released in theaters in February. If it managed to slink past your local multiplex, you’ll have a new chance to watch it on YouTube Red exclusively in May.

While the Internet has habituated us humans into watching all kinds of 30-second video clips of cats doing the darndest things, Kedi elevates its exotic (and mostly feral) felines into the intriguing cinematic protagonists that they are. They are much more than mere pesky strays; for the local Turks who live and work among them, the cats are beloved neighbors who all have their own dramatic storylines and their own distinct purr-sonalities.

It all turns out to be an adorable cat movie and mesmerizing (and educational!) travelogue!

Make a note: You can watch Kedi in its entirety on YouTube Red starting May 10.