26 Important Firsts Just About Every Cat Owner Has Experienced

1. Taking your first real selfie together.

2. And then enjoying your very first joint nap.

3. Holding lovingly onto your cat’s paw.


4. And then refusing to move at all, because your cat is sitting on you.

5. Feeding your kitty some human food because you feel bad they’re missing out.

6. Finding out that the cat has peed on something you love and value.

7. Asking your kitty a question and forgetting that they cannot actually reply.
So what if cats can’t speak, they know what you said.

So what if they can't speak, they know what you said.

8. Snapping a picture of your cat napping in a ridiculous position.

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How comfortable could that possibly be? Tell us, we surely MUST know.

9. Using a funny voice when you speak to your cat.

10. And then calling them by any other name except their true name.

11. Experiencing your very first taste of jealousy when you catch your cat giving someone else attention.

12. Holding your cat up to a mirror and letting them see their own reflection.

“See how cute you are?”

13. Using your kitty’s fluffy belly as your own pillow.

But not putting your full weight on them, because they're precious and you don't wanna squish 'em.

But not putting your full weight onto them, because they’re just so precious and you don’t wanna squish ’em.

14. Letting your cat come into the bathroom when you’re using it!

There's only so long you can listen to them scratching at the door.

There’s only so long one can listen to a cat scratching at the door.

15. Having a serious ‘talk’ with your kitty as to whether they want to stay in or go out.


16. Inadvertently finding where your cat absolutely hates being touched, and paying so dearly for it.

17. Accepting that your kitty is more or less an extension of your laptop.

No matter what, their butts will always find a way to your keyboard.

No matter what, their buttholes will somehow always find a way to your keyboard.

18. Having your love and affection rejected for the very first time.

19. Comparing some old photos with some new ones to see how much they’ve grown.

And how far you've come.

20. Seeing your cat with another feline for the very first time, and assuming they’re either best friends or dating.

21. Discovering hair all over all of your clothes!

22. Accidentally stepping onto your cat’s paw and then feeling the worst guilt you’ve ever felt.

23. Taking your kitty to the vet for the very first time and feeling incredibly conflicted.

On the one hand, you want to look after their health, but on the other hand, you feel bad making them go.

On the one hand, you certainly want to tend to their health correctly, but on the other hand, you feel bad making them go.

24. Receiving your very first real wake-up call at a ridiculous time in the morning.

25. Finding your kitty doing something they definitely should not be doing.

26. And questioning whether your cat’s death stare means that perhaps it wants to kill you.

"I'll kill you" or "I love you"? You'll never know.

“Do I love you, human? Or do I want to kill you? That’s for me to know and you to never find out”!

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