27 Hair Ties Found in This Cat’s Stomach!

CALIFORNIA – Veterinarians at the San Francisco SPCA found a total of 27 hair ties in a cat’s stomach.

The owner of Mowglie, who is a 10-year-old Bengal, took him to the SPCA to get checked out when she noticed he was throwing up and not feeling well.

And so, the vets at the SPCA decided to do surgery on Mowglie and that’s when they found the 27 hair ties in his stomach.

It’s not uncommon for cats to eat random small items they find on the ground, but 27 is a whole lot for one cat.

Vets say it’s possible that Mowglie may have eaten these hair ties over a long period of time.

Thankfully, Mowglie is expected to make a full recovery!