6 Year Old Sassy Lady Not Happy in Shelter and Then …

This 6 year old girl has sass and class written all over that gorgeous face of hers.

She was in shelter way too long before she finally found her forever home.

“We saw her the night before, online and assumed she would be gone by the time we got there the next day. We did not realize she had been there a little less than a month and was fostered before that. She is 6 years old,” said Pearl’s human.

“She’s actually very happy and docile. Very loving. We think her angry face is perfect!”

“We brought her home, fed her, and now she walks around the house looking for things to rub on or people to pet her.”

“She is purring and constantly rubbing up against my daughter, my girlfriend and me.”

Loaded with cattitude, Pearl now spends most of her time with her forever humans and loves to simply sit back and watch them.

The shelter isn’t a place for any cat, especially one as classy as Pearl!

Photo credit: Courtesy of @angrypearl

By Daniel Torres, The Best Cat Page