4 Kittens Rescued From Rising Waters in University Storm Drain – But the Best Was Yet to Come!

CONNECTICUT – Four kittens, who were all saved from a near-certain death after becoming trapped in from a storm drain, have been reunited with their mother.

On Tuesday, the four kittens were saved on Quinnipiac University‘s Hamden campus. With heavy rain falling it’s more than likely that the kittens would have drowned if not for the coordinated effort by police, first responders, public works crews, the university, and also an animal rescue group. Over 2 inches of rain fell that day.

Sandbags were used to block much of the water from entering the storm drain, a canopy was erected to keep water out and a motorized camera was dropped into the pipe to keep an eye on the kittens.

Photo: Quinnipiac University Photo

Photo: Quinnipiac University Photo


Since being rescued, the kittens have reunited with their mother.
The mother cat wandered out of the drain around 12:45 p.m. on Wednesday and was rescued nearby the Hilltop Parking Lot, not too far from the storm drain.

“All five are well at Super Paws Rescue of Southport, which has been besieged with requests to adopt them. Congratulations to our Facilities Department and students who worked with Hamden Animal Control and Super Paws Rescue to keep this family safe and together,” Quinnipiac commented on its Facebook page.

Super Paws of Southport has named the mama cat “Rain.” One of the kittens has been named, “Drain.”

Also on its Facebook page, the rescue group says it has other cats and kittens available for adoption!