5 Beautiful Eco-Friendly Cat Bed Ideas For The Modern Home

Your pet cat is graceful and athletic by design, but felines also spend around sixteen to twenty hours a day sleeping. As a responsible and eco-minded kitty parent, you want to provide your feline friend with a cozy, attractive and naturally healthful place to get that much-needed sleep.

Until just a few years ago, sourcing comfortable and eco-friendly beds for our fuzzy companions wasn’t an easy task. As the world’s citizens have grown more aware of their personal responsibilities for keeping our planet clean, the demand for providing our whiskered friends with environmentally-friendly pet beds has increased dramatically.

The marketplace now offers numerous choices in appealing, eco-friendly beds that have been constructed from all-natural or recycled materials.

Today we’ll discuss five our our personal eco-friendly favorites.

1. Cat Cave:

If you’ve ever been owned by a cat, you’re well aware that felines have discerning natures. Our kitties are quite particular about where they choose to rest. They often gravitate toward the most luxurious space in the house in search of the perfect napping place.

Your furry companion might love to indulge its creature comforts, but your pet also needs to remain safe, healthy and protected from environmental contaminants while getting its shuteye.

A Cat Cave can provide for both of these feline needs while also safeguarding our planet. Designed by cat lovers, every Cat Cave is hand-felted and lovingly constructed by natives of Nepal.

When you purchase a Cat Cave, you can rest assured that your four-footed friend’s sleeping space has been crafted from the finest natural, organic materials.

These plush pet beds are available in a rainbow of colors and appealing patterns. One of the many creative designs is bound to suit your personal taste while providing your pampered feline a plush, eco-friendly sleeping space.

You can even select from an array of holiday-themed designs so your kitty can get its snuggle on in holiday style!

As an eco-friendly product enthusiast, you’ll feel great knowing that part of your purchase has helped support the Nepalese craftsman who constructed your fuzzy companion’s new bed.

Beautiful Eco-Friendly Cat Bed Ideas 1

2. Cat palace:

Some cats exhibit simpler taste when choosing their favorite sleeping quarters. Felines such as these like nothing more than getting their shuteye inside of a simple cardboard box.

Oftentimes, their human companions would rather not have their pet’s playful bedding choice distract from their home’s decor.

Tastefully designed cardboard cat beds are one eco-friendly option for felines that prefer their cardboard condos over the more traditional bedding their owners prefer. This environmentally safe cat palace has been fully constructed from 100% recycled cardboard.

As a cat parent, you’ll be happy knowing that no harmful glue was used in the manufacturing process of your pet’s new bedding.

The whimsical castle-themed design will provide your cat an attractive resting place that doesn’t distract from your carefully crafted decorating scheme.

You’ll also be please knowing that your kitty’s royal-themed bedding is sturdy enough to support her body weight should she climb on top to peruse her vast kingdom.

This cardboard cat bed is both fully recyclable and easily cleaned with a dampened cloth. Easy to follow assembly instructions are included with every purchase. Your cardboard cat bed can also be disassembled for easy moving.

Beautiful Eco-Friendly Cat Bed Ideas 2

3. Combination cat bed, perch and scratching post:

Kitty lovers who dwell in smaller spaces will enjoy indulging their cat’s every whim with this space-efficient combination cat bed, perch and scratching post.

You can cater to your kitty’s needs to pounce, scratch, climb and sleep with one eco-friendly purchase.

This tastefully wrought, multi-purpose piece has been constructed from naturally sourced materials such as biodegradable paper, pure lamb’s fleece, and sisal.

Beautiful Eco-Friendly Cat Bed Ideas 3

4. Bamboo cat bed:

Are clean, Nordic lines are your cup of tea? If so, you will love nurturing both your pet and your stellar sense of aesthetics with this bamboo cat bed.

Each of these beds has been lovingly handcrafted by natives of a small, Vietnamese village.

Though this elegant, contemporary piece is sturdy and long lasting, it boasts a small footprint that should fit even the tiniest living space.

The outer shell of this pet bed is constructed from durable bamboo, but the inside isn’t short on comfort. The plump inner cushion has also been constructed from all-natural fibers.

A velvet cushion cover made from environmentally-friendly material further ensures the softness every kitty craves. A convenient side zipper makes it easy to remove the cushion cover for washing and drying.

You’ll also like knowing that your purchase has helped support a fair-trade business that sustains a native craftsman’s community.

Beautiful Eco-Friendly

5. Hand-knitted pet beds:

More industrious kitty keepers will enjoy nothing more than hand-crafting for their furry one of these DIY hand-knitted pet beds. These one of a kind beds are created by you from chunky, hypoallergenic, naturally sourced Merino wool yarn.

This natural fiber will wick moisture away from your kitty’s body, ensuring her body temperature remains well regulated. You can rest well knowing that your pet’s sleeping space will always remain dry and cozy.

This DIY kit provides you easy-to-follow directions and contains enough cozy Merino wool yarn to craft for your kitty a fifteen inch bed.

Your finished DIY masterpiece can be dry cleaned by a green dry cleaning service. If you prefer, your cat’s new sleeping quarters can be hand washed in cold water.

Using an earth-friendly laundry soap will further help you protect our fragile environment.

Be sure to lay your hand-knitted creation flat to air dry. Multiple colors of yarn are available to help you craft a kitty bed bound to complement any color scheme.

The world’s scientists, politicians and media outlets are sounding increasingly alarming warnings about our planet’s environmental future. The personal action that was once just a recommendation has escalated to an obligation. Your individual commitment to purchasing only eco-friendly products has never more critical. Our pets depend on us to make those wholesome, all-natural choices for them.

Purchasing only eco-friendly pet products is one way that we can help repair our damaged planet and keep our world safe for our beloved furry friends.

Bonus Cat Bed Idea – Feltcave’s eco-friendly cat caves

Feltcave is an innovative brand who are taking the pet world by storm with their premium cat caves! Made from100% merino wool, these gorgeous cat caves help regulate cats’ body temperature while helping them conserve energy, which is imperative for their comfort and happiness.

Feltcave employs humans instead of machines, which is why their pet products are natural, eco-friendly and organic.

And while their high quality materials means their beds are a little more expensive than your average cat bed, their focus is the quality of the product.

(We think it’s worth it – and I’m sure your kitty will agree!) Just check out their reviews: feltcave.com

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