5-week-old kitten set on Fire Near Cincinnati!

OHIO – Members of an animal rescue group are currently trying to help for a kitten who suffered horrible abuse.

On Wednesday, August 31, someone decided to set a 5-week-old kitten on fire in Hamilton. The fire burned the fur on her tail, legs, and back end but the fur protected her skin from the fire.

She was extremely lucky to escape without severe burns.

5-week-old kitten set on fire (Joseph's Legacy

5-week-old kitten set on fire (Joseph’s Legacy


Someone saw the kitten running and screaming out of a bush. It was not on fire at the time but there was a noticeable smell of singed fur. No witnesses to the abuse have come forward at all but there has been an outpouring of support for the kitten. Since there were absolutely no witnesses to the abuse, the Butler County dog warden has no investigation. However, it will if someone speaks up.

If anyone has any information about who set the kitten on fire they’re asked to call the Butler County Dog Warden at 513-785-6542.