Iowa Man Arrested After Stealing and Torturing His Roommate’s Cat

Animal abusers are all around us these days. Just like serial killers, it might be anyone, even the calmest people you know. Animal abuse is a punishable offense (at least in most countries) by law like it should be, yet people still abuse and torture animals getting away unpunished.

Chad Toney from Iowa recently broke into his ex-roommate’s home to steal and torture his cat. The deranged man took pictures of the torture and sent them to his former roommate. Spencer Kimm, the poor cat’s owner, shared them all on Facebook getting 3,000 likes before the post was taken down. The police said that Toney received death threats because of it and the post had to be deleted.

Spencer took that decision in order to get his pet back, and it succeeded. The cat was given back to him with the help of Toney’s family. Chad Toney was arrested and charged with animal abuse and 3 counts of third-degree burglary. Luckily, the cat was unharmed.

Spencer is happy to get his cat Gladys back home. He’s now lobbying to get lawmakers to take animal abuse more seriously and toughen up laws. Iowa still treats animal abuse as a misdemeanor, and that needs to change as soon as possible. Hopefully, this won’t happen to any poor pet no more.

The pet’s owner has spoken of his relief