Girl, 18, Is Hit and Killed By A Car While Trying To Help An Injured Cat!

CALIFORNIA – An 18-year-old woman was sadly struck and killed by a car late Sunday night while she tried to rescue a cat that was hit by a car in which she was a passenger, according to an official police report.

Emily Sanchez, who was a resident of Apple Valley, California, which is just north of San Bernardino, was riding as a passenger in a Toyota Camry being driven by her mother.

As they were driving southbound on a residential road located in Apple Valley, the car hit a cat, according to Victor Valley News.

The mother then decided to turn the vehicle around and drove back toward the cat as it was lying in the middle of the street.

‘The victim concerned for the cat had the driver turn around so she could check on it,’ the Apple Valley Police Department explained to KTLA-TV.

Sanchez then proceeded to exit the passenger side of the car and tended to the cat, which had already died.

As she was standing there in the lane, a Nissan Altima approached from the opposite direction and struck her.

An officer from the Apple Valley Sheriff’s Department rushed to the scene and attempted to administer CPR in an attempt to resuscitate Sanchez.

Sanchez was then rushed over to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead at 2:45 am on Monday.

Authorities stated that alcohol or drugs were not a factor in the accident.

The driver of the Nissan that struck Sanchez is reportedly cooperating with investigators.

Jen Woods, who identified herself as Sanchez’s ‘big sister,’ has created a GoFundMe page to solicit donations so that the family can pay for a proper burial.

‘If you knew Em, you knew that animals were her passion and love in life,’ Woods noted on the page.

The GoFundMe page includes several pictures of Sanchez, one of which shows her playing with her cat.

‘Emily was 18 years young and due to this our family was in no way prepared for a situation like this emotionally or financially,’ Woods added.

‘We are a family that does it on our own and don’t ever want to be the ones asking for help but we have all found ourselves in a situation where we have little choice.’

‘Instead of sending flowers we as her family are asking to make a donation here that can help with her final expenses and give her an amazing memorial that she 100% deserves.’

God bless you and keep you, Emily Sanchez.