Cat Clings to the Roof of Van as Its Owner Drives 45 Miles to Work!

ENGLAND – A cat has miraculously survived a 45-mile road trip on the roof of a van.

Matt Haine was commuting from his home in Warminster, Wiltshire to Weston-super-Mare, Somerset when he heard the frantic meows of a cat on the roof of his white Transit.

He went on to explain: “I pulled up and it just slid down the windscreen – so slowly – I saw the tail then the back legs and all of a sudden these big eyes looking at me.”

It was only after he called his wife at home that he realized the windswept feline was their family’s own cat, whose name is Flo.

Mr. Haine stated that he had just arrived at the seaside resort – after a 70-minute drive – when he saw the “silhouette of a cat walking along the top of the roof”.

“All of a sudden it just slid down the roof and I’m look at it and I’m thinking is that Flo?” he continued.

“There is a roof rack on the van and the only thing I can think of is that she wedged herself between the roof rack and the pipe tube – where I keep my copper pipes.

“She’s quite a small cat but she seemed to cling on to the roof rack quite well – I don’t know how many claws she’s got left now.”

Mr Haine said Flo had "learnt her lesson"

Mr Haine said Flo had “learnt her lesson”


For the return journey, Mr. Haine strapped the young animal in the passenger seat and now says he will check his van over every morning before he leaves.

“She’s not been on there lately mind – she’s learned her lesson,” he said.

“I don’t think she wants to come back again in a hurry.”