Take A Look At This Cat’s Reaction When She Learned She’s Pregnant!

Winters in Greenland are especially tough, we’re sure you know that. They are tough on humans, let alone animals. Strays have it the toughest it seems, as they have no shelter where they can get at least a few hours of warmth.

Dyrenes Venner is a Nuuk-based shelter working hard to help strays warm up their bones. In April this year, they took a kitty called Ulla in. Ulla spent her whole life on the street. She was friendly when she met the staff and formed a great bond with the shelter’s dogs. The cat was obviously happy to be inside during the freezing weather.

“She’s a great cat. I brought my dog to the shelter and she immediately made friends with him,” Inunnguaq Christiansen from the shelter says. There was something strange with the cat, though – as days passed, she was becoming heavier to the surprise of the staff. The members of the board noticed that she was getting big around the belly, and one member joked she was pregnant.

The staff didn’t want to take any chances and took Ulla for an ultrasound. To their shock, the cat was indeed pregnant! By the looks of it, even Ulla was shocked!

Christiansen took this photo of the surprised cat and posted it on Reddit. It ‘caught fire’ instantly, going viral in just a few hours. Christiansen spent a full night replying to people and the viral pic really lifted the mood at the shelter.

Ulla is now living with a foster family with a hope for adoption once the kittens come. The cat is supposed to give birth any day now and the whole world is impatiently waiting to see the kitties. Maybe she’ll be just as surprised then as she was when she learned she’s pregnant.

We’re surely excited to see Ulla’s kittens – are you?