Meet Puff, the Sheffield Cat Who Weighs in at a Whopping 17 Pounds!

Puff the fat cat from Sheffield

Puff the fat cat from Sheffield

SHEFFIELD, UK – A cat from Sheffield, who is so fat she can no longer fit in her cat carrier, has reached the finals of the UK’s largest pet slimming competition.

The fat cat has been selected to compete against a total of 12 other oversized pets, including dogs, other cats and even a rabbit, in the PDSA’s Pet Fit Club.

Tipping the scales at 17 pounds, Puff has eaten her way to being 50 per cent over her expected size of 11 pounds.

Puff the fat cat from Sheffield, with Joanne Smith from the PDSA Read more:

Puff the fat cat from Sheffield, with Joanne Smith from the PDSA
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The oversized white and cream kitty, who will steal fish food from the tank if given the chance, was adopted by owner Marie Clair, 58, just about a year ago. When Marie collected her she was amazed by her sheer bulk.

She stated: “Puff is the biggest cat I’ve ever seen. It was obvious her previous owners had overfed her and overdone the treats. She was even too big for the cat carrier so we had to use a dog cage to bring her home.”

Puff is bigger than both of Marie’s dogs Eric, a Maltese terrier, and Ernie, a Poodle cross.

Ms Clair went on to say: “She wasn’t very social, and in her first few months with us needed lots of coaxing, but she’s settled in now. I know she was quite stressed while living with her previous owner, which may have led to her over-eating or not getting enough exercise. Bowls of well-intended prawn treats wouldn’t have helped her weight either. But all that’s changed now. She rules the roost here and, because she’s so big, she bosses my dogs and other cat around. She knows her own mind and does whatever she needs to get her way!”

Puff the fat cat from Sheffield

Puff the fat cat from Sheffield

For the last 12 months Ms Clair has kept Puff on a very strict diet and helped her shed around 5lb. But she still has a very long way to go to reach her ideal weight of 11lb (5kg). She is currently at risk of long-term health problems which sadly include heart disease and diabetes.

Marie added: “I’m hoping Pet Fit Club will help us get Puff down to a healthier weight. I’m strict with what she eats but she’s determined – I’ve caught her eating the fish food from the fish tank before!”

As part of Pet Fit Club, Puff will soon embark on a strict six-month diet and exercise program, specially tailored by the vets and nurses at Sheffield PDSA Pet Hospital on Newhall Road.

Joanne Smith, PDSA Animal Care Assistant, who will be helping to oversee Puff’s diet, states: “Pet obesity is a serious issue that affects millions of UK pets. Like humans, pets carrying excess weight are at risk from developing serious health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. It can even shorten their lives.

“Marie has already done great work helping Puff slim down. Now, with the help of PDSA Pet Fit Club, we’re hoping to get her down to her ideal weight. We will support her every step of the way over the next six months to ensure they succeed.”

“If owners are unsure what to feed their pets, or are concerned about their weight, they should always seek advice from their vet.”

Puff will be competing against seven dogs, four other cats and a rabbit, including Cilla, a crumpet-loving American Bulldog from Liverpool who tips the scales at a hefty 54 pounds. Also taking on the six-month weight loss challenge is a chubby rabbit called Pebbles, from Blackpool.

PDSA Pet Fit Club was launched back in 2005 and has already helped 74 dogs, 32 cats and six rabbits lose a total 63 stone 11lb – equivalent to over 400 bags of sugar, 6,500 tins of tuna, 7,000 sausages or four heavyweight boxers.