A Guy Goes Back into His Room to Get A Sweater Only to Find A Mysterious Cat in Its Place!

London filmmaker Paris Zarcilla has either discovered a portal to another dimension or cats have upgraded their Sneak ability to 100. Some time ago, Paris went to his room to get his sweater, only to find it missing with a cat on his place. That was only one of the many surprises.

The problem isn’t in the cat itself – it’s in the fact that the cat isn’t his! Paris recorded the whole thing and posted it online. The video instantly got over 70K likes and more than 20K retweets, going viral in only a day. Check out the pics which describe this crazy and unusual encounter:

Someone was breaking and entering into this guy’s bedroom, but he caught them red-pawed

Reality struck him hard

But he soon adjusted to his new role as the ‘cat dad’