Woman Re-united With Her Cat After 6 Long Years!

SAINT JOHN, CANADA – When Elsie McCurdy’s cat disappeared back in 2010, she thought she would never see him again.

However, after six slow, long years, McCurdy has been reunited with her beloved Casey, thanks to a social media post.

“I couldn’t believe it, couldn’t believe it was really Casey!” says the Saint John resident.

“I had two cats, a little grey one, and she disappeared, and then a week later, he disappeared, and then it was shortly after that a woman came to the house and she had a picture of her cat and she said ‘My cat’s disappeared too,’ and I said ‘Well, I haven’t seen it,’ and she said ‘Someone told me they saw a bobcat in the area, so we just assumed that the bobcat had gotten the cats.”

McCurdy says she spent quite a lot of time searching the woods for Casey, but eventually gave up.

Then, last week, her son spotted a photo online of a cat that looked exactly like Casey.

“He said ‘Have you seen that picture on Facebook?’ And I said ‘Well, no, I’ll have to look when I go home.’ And he said ‘Well, it’s a picture of a senior cat found around Haggerty’s Cove and it looks just like Casey.’”

Once McCurdy and her husband saw the photo, they knew right away that it was indeed their long-lost cat.

Casey arrived at the Saint John SPCA close to a month ago and Gail Grant had been fostering him. She decided to post photos of him on Facebook to see if she could locate his owners.

“They sent a picture and I looked at that and so many of the markings were the same and then Elsie called and her and her husband came and looked at him and they just knew right away that it was their cat,” says Grant.

Both McCurdy and Grant think someone had been taking care of Casey over the past six years because his health is good and he still very friendly.

“When I called him Casey, he looked at me … when he went over to my husband and put his paw up for my husband to play with him, that really sealed the deal right there,” says McCurdy.

She only wishes Casey could talk or somehow let her know what he has been up to these past six years.