Izzy, The Cat Who Always Has The Purrfect Expressions At Purrfect Time!

Izzy, with her absolutely perfect expressions and cute face, can even compete with her sister Zoë, who is being praised for her natural perfect heart-shaped marking on the chest.

While Zoë brought a good portion of the fans on the two kitty’s joint Instagram account, Izzy has now managed to become very popular for her expressions as well. now, Izzy gets as much praise as Zoë gets for her marking. Izzy, on the other hand, doesn’t have a perfectly heart-shaped marking but her expressions has won many hearts. But of course, looks certainly aren’t everything!

No one can seem to keep themselves from adoring this big-eyed kitty with a perfectly symmetrical face. She always manages to express herself through her pretty facial expressions,

Check her out for yourself!

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