Missing Cat Recognizes Her Owner After 6 Long Years

Julie, the black missing cat you can see in the pic, ran away one day from her owner’s home and was seemingly forever lost. Julie’s owner, Jon Gulla, saved Julie and her brother Jack when they were only kittens. He spent years with both cats and gave over his duties as caretaker for the cats to his mom when he went away to college in 2012. Not soon afterward, Julie ran away and disappeared.

Jon says he searched everywhere with his mom, but the cat was nowhere to be found. His mom searched for Julie every day, but it seemed like Julie fell into a black hole. “It was like looking for a needle in a haystack,” Jon’s mom said.

Missing Cat Recognizes Her Owner After 6 Long Years

Never Give Up Hope

Six years later, Jon’s mom Lorinda saw a posting about a cat that looked just like their beloved pet. She immediately told Jon and he went to see the cat. The family who found it as a stray told him the cat didn’t want any interaction with them and wouldn’t eat. Until Jon appeared.

As soon as he walked in through the door, Julie recognized her owner and started purring. He called her by name and she came right to him, meowing and cuddling with Jon.

Back Home

Jon took Julie back home. She hasn’t been reintroduced to her brother Jack, who was also her best friend. Lorinda says that Julie was probably cared for during the 6 long years. She was pleased for it, as there were rough winters these past few years.

Since he last saw his pet, Jon married and recovered from lymphoma. Julie, on the other hand, is the same, and their relationship stayed unchanged as well.