Heroic Kitty Alerts Owner to Peeping Tom, Man Arrested!

Skinny the cat has been credited with catching a peeping tom in Auckland's Grey Lynn.

Skinny the cat has been credited with catching a peeping tom in Auckland’s Grey Lynn.

GREY LYNN, AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND – A heroic kitty is being given all the credit for helping police catch and arrest an alleged “peeping tom” in Auckland’s Grey Lynn.

The swanky Auckland suburb has recently been plagued by a night creeper though police refused to say if Monday’s arrest was related to the previous incidents.

Grey Lynn resident Carly Marr gave credit to her cat Skinny who alerted her to a man’s presence on her Sackville St property around 2.30am on Monday.

“We were just about to go to bed when I went outside to have a ciggy,” she stated.

“My cat came flying down from the top of the driveway and she looked pretty scared,” the 33-year-old went on to say.

Marr said she walked around the corner and saw a man who happened to be squatting down, trying to look through the blinds of her window whilst holding a phone.

She yelled at him and continued to follow him, then rushed back to the house where she grabbed her brother.

The pair then jumped into her car and followed the man while they called police, who swiftly arrived at the scene with a sniffer dog.

Avondale police confirmed that they arrested and charged the man in relation to the incident in Grey Lynn around 2.30am.

Court documents showed that a 59-year-old Auckland man was charged with one count of entering a Grey Lynn residence with intent to commit an imprisonable offensee.

Detective Senior Sergeant Marcia Murray stated inquiries were continuing into other incidents in the Grey Lynn area.

Marr said she was more angry than scared when she spotted the man at her property, as she knew what he was up to from posts on a local Facebook page.

“We had just actually been joking about it that morning… It was quite freaky,” she stated..

The heroic cat behind it all, whose name is Skinny, had been a stray before Marr had taken him in several years ago.

“Now she’s a big fat cat that’s a hero,” Marr bragged.

Murray said Auckland residents should be very vigilant about home security, and make sure windows are locked at night.

Police are keen to hear from anyone with information about the offender or any other suspicious activity in the area.