10 Hilarious “If It Fits, I Sits” Cat Pics!

No matter if they’re small or big, domestic or wild, cats will always be cats. They love showcasing their special talents occasionally and prove you wrong. You can’t tame them – if they set their mind on something, they will definitely do it. If you own a cat, you know they can fit in just about anything. Even if you tell them not to go into the laundry basket, chances are they’re going to do it.

Here are 10 hilarious pictures of cats which prove the popular saying “If it fits, I sits”:

1. When they said I couldn’t do it, but I did. It’s so much fun to prove these hoomans wrong all the time.

2. When you think that the basket is small, but you have got a heart big enough to let your friend fit in. Hop on, buddy!

3. The kitty refused to leave his big brother even when it seemed dark. Nothing can separate the two of them.

4. What is this new thing that my hooman got for me. I have to check it from every corner before something goes wrong.

5. Where did the rest of his body go? Did he consume some magic potion? The kitty is way too smart.

6. This kitty will be an amazing spy when the time comes. For now, he is satisfied with fitting in here.

7. Cats have the love for the boxes running through their blood. Nothing can change that.

8. The kitty thought that she would fit in and so she did. But she looks in some trouble at the moment.

9. Angry kitty sat alone to do some thinking, but his kids refused to leave him alone. everyone should have such kids who understand the value of their daddy.

10. This big wild cat was missing his childhood. He wished that the good old days could last a little longer. But even he understands that that is not going to happen, but nobody can stop him from doing this.