A Woman Brings Her moggie to A Wedding to the Dismay of Guests

A year ago, a woman brought her moggie to a wedding as a support animal that has helped her through so many panic attacks. Her boyfriend understood the need for the cat to tag along, but none of the other guests did. Many of them were shocked to see the woman bring her cat along for the party, believing it was not a classy move.

At the time, no one had the guts to tell her that to her face. However, a year after the wedding, she’s learned that most of the guests, including her boyfriend’s friends, won’t talk to her because of the ‘incident’. She was shocked to learn of it, since she considers her support cat best friend in the world.

She’s been living with the cat (a Maine Coon) for 8 years. The cat was brought to the wedding with a leash and a small crate, so it doesn’t disturb any of the other guests. However, she could feel the atmosphere being a bit off, so she put the cat on her lap.

Many people looked in shock when she did it, others just smiled. A year later, however, it seems that no one was pleased with her bringing a cat. Recently, they went back to her boyfriend’s hometown (where the wedding took place) for a holiday and wanted to hang out with his friends. They were shocked to learn that no one wants to see them anymore. At least they don’t want to see her, the crazy cat lady.

She and her boyfriend were disappointed to learn this, as they both consider the moggie an important part of their family. Some people just hate animals and it obviously extends to people who have them, which is a real shame.