A Cat Looks Just Like Pennywise the Clown

We’ve seen cats that look like Robert De Niro, Samuel L. Jackson, or plenty of other stars on the Internet. However, we rarely get to see one that looks like the terrifying Pennywise.

The demonic clown entity from Stephen King’s IT books and the two popular Hollywood movies has a special place in horror lore. This cat has a special place in Internet cat lore, after going viral with its ominous smile. Called Yousef, the cat was filmed with his tongue sticking out and his teeth showing, creating a pretty creepy smile. He’s owned by 18-year old Yara Mahafzah, who shared the video online. It went viral in a matter of hours, with many comparing Yousef to none other than the scary Pennywise.

According to Yara, the cat has a neurological condition that makes him look like that. He’s in no pain, but he looks properly scary. Other than that, Yousef is a perfectly happy cat. He likes to cuddle and spend time with his human just like all cats do.

When the video hit the web, many were petrified with Yousef’s image, while others believed he was possessed himself just like Pennywise. Others thought he looked cute. What’s your verdict – creepy or cute?