Crazy Cat Traps Her Owner in the Kitchen for 2 Days

We all love cats but can’t deny the fact that they can act all crazy and aggressive every once in a while. The latest news from Arkhangelsk in Russia is perfect proof of that. A woman from the Russian city was stranded in her kitchen for two days after her vicious can went crazy.

The poor woman was attacked by her pet any time she tried to leave her “cage”. She tried numerous times before giving up and staying in the kitchen until help arrived. Help came after 48 hours when a passerby luckily spotted the woman waving her hands for help from a window on the third floor apartment. He immediately called the police who climbed through the kitchen window and rescued the poor woman.

Luckily, she wasn’t harmed but a few scratches. Rescuers caught the beast with a blanked and returned it back to the owner after a test. It wasn’t rabid or anything – it just went off for God knows what reason.

Cats and Russia seem like a perfect pair with crazy offspring. In a totally unrelated case, a woman from Moscow killed her boyfriend’s cat as revenge for a heated argument. She killed the poor kitty by (get this) biting her head to death. There was even a sinister video of the killing streamed in Telegram before it was taken down.

There’s no word if Daria Turchina was apprehended, but we’d be mad if it wasn’t so.