A Woman Looks For The “Least-Adoptable” Cat In A Shelter – Here’s Who They Gave Her

Everyone wants to get a cute pet from the shelter that won’t be just a pet, but a family member instead. The adorable pets in a shelter have far higher chances of getting adopted than the grumpy cats. However, that’s not always the case – in fact, a woman recently came to a shelter to adopt a cat which no one wanted!

That was a first – the staff members weren’t used on people taking grumpy over cute cats. Whenever anyone came to get a cat, they’re looking for the cute ones, leaving the grumpy or not that cute cats disappointed.

The woman, Holly, knew that the cute cats will definitely get adopted. However, it’s not so easy with the others – grumpy pets are rarely adopted and are left to their own destiny at the shelter or the street.

However, this was not the case with Holly and Bailey the black kitty. The woman was looking a cat that looked just like Bailey, and once she saw him, she immediately knew he was going home with her.

“Bailey was brought here by his previous owner who was suffering from an allergy and couldn’t keep him anymore. We didn’t think anyone would ever adopt him until Holly came along,” a staff member from the shelter said.

Holly came to the shelter to pick up the “least-adoptable” cat and she found the perfect one.

“Bailey was due for an adoption and I’m quite happy with him. We’re dancing with happiness for our girl who finally found a home in which she’ll be loved,” the staff says.

“We’re so happy that Bailey is a part of our lives now,” Holly says. “She’s a pretty demanding pet, but I don’t mind. We cuddle all day long and we even sleep together. In simple terms, we’ve become best friends,” Hollys says with a smile. Like the staff at the shelter, we’re also happy that Bailey found a warm home. This is just another reminder that we shouldn’t avoid the grumpy cats – they are just as kind and loving as any other pet!