Abandoned Kittens Found at a Vancouver Construction Site to Soon Find New Homes

Discovering the Abandoned Kittens

In the harsh cold of Vancouver, a group of kittens found themselves huddled together in a discarded box at a construction site. The workers at the site made the shocking discovery, uncovering the kittens desperately clinging to each other for warmth. They immediately transported them to the BC SPCA’s Vancouver animal centre.

Immediate Medical Attention Required

Upon arrival, Jodi Dunlop, the manager of the centre, ensured each kitten received a prompt veterinary examination. Sadly, one kitten, suffering from an untreated injury, did not survive. Another kitten, affectionately named Prancer, bore an old injury that had left her right front leg in such a condition that it needed amputation. Three other kittens also required medical care.

Prancer’s Spirit Remains Unbroken

Despite her ordeal, Prancer’s spirit remains undeterred. She continues to show affection, kneading biscuits with her left front paw, and displays immense joy when visited. Dunlop describes her as “the sweetest kitten.” These resilient kittens will stay at the centre until they fully recover, after which they will be ready for adoption.

The Illegality of Animal Abandonment

Eileen Drever of the BC SPCA emphasizes the illegality of abandoning animals, highlighting the fortunate circumstances that someone found these kittens in time. The kittens’ plight underscores the need for more stringent animal protection measures.

3 kittens

Generous Donations Matching Event

The BC SPCA received a significant boost to aid these kittens through a donation-matching event. Donations made on a particular Friday and Saturday will receive a match up to $159,000, courtesy of the Don and Lorraine Moore Foundation, Darren Kopetsky & Puss Puss, Don & Joyce Hilton, and in honour of cherished pets Miranda and Miko.

A New Beginning for the Kittens

These kittens, once huddled in a box for warmth, are now on the path to recovery and will soon be ready for their new homes. Their journey serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of animal welfare and the vital role organizations like BC SPCA play in protecting and nurturing abandoned animals.