Pet Cat is Infected with Coronavirus for the First Time in the UK

For over six months during this awful COVID-19 pandemic, there have been many questions unanswered. One of the most glaring ones is can pets, especially cats, contract it and get infected. A recent case from the UK has shown that cats can get COVID-19 after a cat tested positive a few weeks ago. Thankfully, everything went well and the pet and its family have recovered.

The pet and family live in the UK, but has chosen to stay anonymous. It is the first confirmed feline case of COVID-19 in the UK. There have been a few positive felines in Europe and Asia, but none confirmed so far in the UK.

A private vet treated the cat after it was brought in poor condition. After a series of tests, the vet decided to make another one for the presence of SARS-CoV-2. Follow up samples confirmed the infection and the cat was put on treatment.

The poor kitty suffered from shortness of breath and nasal discharge. Similar cat infections were confirmed in France, Germany, Denmark, the US, Hong Kong, and China. Vets are urging people with unwell pets to keep them indoors and get them to the vet if they’re concerned about their welfare. It could be a simple cold, but as this case confirmed, it may be COVID-19 too.