Adorable Kittens Found Abandoned in Potato Chip Box Get Brilliant New Names to Mark Their Lucky Rescue!

ENGLAND – Three adorable, tiny kittens have truly had a lucky escape after being found in an empty crisp box.

The one-month-old cats were simply left on a busy road in London and were discovered by a shocked passer-by, who immediately took them to a nearby Blue Cross animal hospital.


So, what do you call a bunch of kittens found in a crisp box? How about McCoy, Dorito and Pringle?.

These babies were dangerously weak and suffering from anemia as a result of being infested with fleas.

However, thanks to the team at Blue Cross , they’re thriving – and totally adorable.


Veterinary nurse Tracey Parnell stated: “McCoy, Dorito and Pringle were really underweight, scared and cold when they were brought in to us.

“We treated them for fleas, warmed them up and fed them kitten milk using a syringe, which perked them up a bit.”


Tracey went on to add: “Kittens this young are so helpless, so it’s really lucky they found their way to us in time.

“We would ask anyone struggling to care for a pet to contact a charity like Blue Cross and never just leave them to fend for themselves.”

The kittens will continue to be monitored just until they are well enough to be transferred to a Blue Cross rehoming centre and they will be ready to ‘bag’ new homes in a few short weeks.

Blue Cross has already taken in more than 1,000 unwanted and abandoned kittens so far this year at its rehoming centres and is urging owners to ensure their pets are each neutered to prevent unwanted litters.

To learn out more about getting your pet neutered or to offer a home to Dorito, Pringle and McCoy or one of the many other cats and kittens in need of homes, visit