Stray Kitten Rescued by Pregnant Woman Bonds With Her Son

When Alyssa was just 8 weeks pregnant with her first child, she came across a tiny stray kitten without a mother. Alyssa just couldn’t leave him there, so she took him home with her. They named him Kitten Face. He never left her side throughout her pregnancy. “This beautiful boy became my bestest friend in the whole world,” she wrote.

“When I was 8 weeks pregnant with our first we found and took in a stray kitten,” Alyssa wrote via imgur. “He was nervous at first but soon settled in.”

“As my bump grew, he always cuddled it and became very protective of me and my unborn son.”

“When I became bed bound due to pregnancy complications he never left my side…. This beautiful boy became my bestest friend in the whole world… When I went into labour, he kept a paw on me and licked my tummy through every contraction.”

“I had to have an emergency c-section after 2 days of labor and ended up having to stay in hospital for a week.”

“He immediately fell in love with my son and wouldn’t leave his side.” Kitten Face kept Alyssa and her baby company while she was recovering from surgery.

Time passed.

“Whenever I couldn’t find him, he would almost always be by the baby’s cot.”

>More time passed …

“He was over the moon when our son start ‘sneaking’ him food from his highchair.”