Stray Cat Colony in Danger of Being Demolished Along With Old Buildings in New York

ASTORIA, QUEENS, NEW YORK — A row of vacant buildings that’s home to a number of feral cats is likely to be torn down very soon, Department of Buildings records show.

The owner of the five empty properties, located on the corner of Hoyt Avenue South and 29th Street in Astoria, filed applications in July to have the buildings demolished — a hangout for about 10 to 12 stray cats that a handful residents regularly leave food for, locals say.

Construction scaffolding was erected at the site earlier this month, and a piece of plywood between two of the buildings has the words “Cat Killer Here” painted across it.

“I think some people got upset,” said Zohar Saadi, the owner of Pets on the Run, a pet supply store a few doors down from the properties who said he’s one of several people who does feed the animals.

He said he doesn’t have any clue as to who penned the message. He said the plywood had been put up to cover an alley right where caregivers would leave bowls of food, making it harder for them to access the cats.

“I feed them on a daily basis,” he said, adding that he’s worried about the upcoming event.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen to these cats.”

“Demolition permits have yet to be issued for any of the sites because the DOB has not reviewed the plans, yet,” a spokesman said.

The buildings are owned by United Nu-Land Development LLC, as listed in city records show. A property manager for the company declined to comment and said the owner was unavailable for comment this week.

No one knows for sure how long these cats have been there, but most guess they may have been around for 5 or more years.






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