Tiny Kitten Orphaned at 1 Day Old Simply Wouldn’t Let Go of His New Mommy!

This tiny orphaned we one was the only survivor of his litter and he always follows his human mama.

This is Eli the kitty!

Little Eli was only one day old when he was found alongside his dead siblings.

He was a bottle feeder from then on.

He desperately needed the love from a cat mama, and that’s just around the time Madeline the cat and her kitties were brought into their new foster home in Seattle Washington to get their second chance at life.

Cindy, who works with foster_kittens, was their caretaker and hoped more than anything that Madeline would accept the little cute kitty.

When the adorable mama cat first met Eli, she immediately took to him and claimed him as her own little wee one!

When Eli first came to Cindy, he was a very small kitty who only needed love.

Eli absolutely loved his new mama but still didn’t know how to nurse.

“Kitties who are bottle-fed get used to a different habit of drinking. He hasn’t stopped purring since he got in the foster home.”

After drinking a bottle of milk, he then snuggled up with cat mama and the other kitties for a nap.

“He really loves having a family,” Cindy noted.

“What an adorable mom Madeline has been to Eli.”

“Kitties who have been bottle fed are usually tinier than kitties who nursed from a mama, but they soon catch up when they began to eat solid food,” Cindy went on to say.

Eli very rapidly became very connected to his new mom Madeline.

“A great advantage of bottle kitties is they really love people: they are cuddly and lovable and totally attached to their human,” Cindy stated.

After enjoying a bottle, Eli enjoys some good old fashioned cuddle time with his mom and other siblings.

The tiny cute kitten has deeply bonded with his new cat mom.

“Madeline and I have a perfect routine with little Eli: First I bottle feed him, and after that, she cleans him up,” Cindy stated.

And her kitties absolutely adore their adopted brother very much.

Eli just learning how to walk.


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