Adorable Shelter Kitten Helps Man Propose to Girlfriend in the Sweetest of Ways!

NEW YORK – An adorable shelter kitty helped a man propose the day before Thanksgiving, right on the two year anniversary of the day they met!

The couple originally met on a blind date Thanksgiving 2014, and ever since that first date, Jerad simply knew that she was the one. Since they are both huge cat lovers, they planned to adopt a kitten through a local shelter, but Jerad decided to get a little extra help from their new fur baby.


When Kat arrived to pick up little Gandalf, she was given the biggest surprise. “Kat thought she was being filmed for an adoption video…but we knew otherwise,” the SPCA (Erie County, NY) shared with Love Meow.


“I was very surprised! His aunt works at the SPCA and was fostering the kitty, and we fell in love with him.”

“I thought Jerad was at work and he surprised me by showing up and proposing. Gandalf’s name tag said ‘Will you marry me?’ It was so cute.”

And then, Jerad showed up right after Kat read the tag from the kitty.

Of course, she responded, “YES”!

Watch the incredible video of the actual proposal below!

“Gandalf is doing great! He’s adjusting well,” Kat said. “He’s running around and getting used to his new home.”

This little family is doing just fine, and Gandalf will always have a paw on their love.

Photo credits: Facebook/The SPCA Serving Erie County, NY