Animal Shelter Workers Stunned After Heavily Pregnant Stray Cat Wanders In and …

MARYLAND – An animal shelter has absolutely fallen madly in love with a heavily pregnant stray cat that wandered in after she was dropped off by a Good Samaritan.

The nine-month-old stray cat who’s been named Chloe won the hearts of staff at the Anne Arundel County Animal Control in Millersville, Maryland.

In a cute video the center which was posted online of a very bloated Chloe being walked on a leash, they explained that the adorable cat made staff fall in love with her ‘with her calm demeanor and adorable manners’.

‘She walks on a leash better than many dogs; in fact, she followed the staff around even when not leashed,’ the post stated.

The staff members just knew they were in a race against time to find Chloe a home because shelters can sometimes become a dangerous place for kittens.

The team’s dreams were almost dashed when just days before she was due to give birth the nine-month-old suffered a huge health scare.

During some routine health tests, staff discovered that their beloved cat, ‘tested very faintly positive’ for feline leukemia virus – which is a communicable illness among the animals.

Thankfully, after a more detailed test, Chloe was, in the end, given a clean bill of health and just days later she gave birth to five cute kittens – Catelyn, CeCe, Corbin, Cersei, and Candice.

The litter has now found a loving home with experienced SPCA foster mom, whose name is Kim Morrissette, who said mom and her newborns are all doing well.

‘Chloe is such a sweetheart,’ Morrissette explained to The Dodo.

‘She loves people and has the cutest little combination purr/meow. She will let you hold her in your arms like a baby and truly just wants to love on people.

‘She is being a very good momma to her babies as well.’

Once the kittens reach eight weeks old or so, they and Chloe will all be up for adoption.