Kind-Hearted Arborist Volunteers to Rescue Cat Stuck up in 100+ Foot Tree For Days

MICA, WASHINGTON – A family in Mica, WA certainly has something to celebrate after being reunited with their family cat , all thanks to a local arborist with a big heart. Trevor Fant says on April 3rd, he and his grandma, who both own the cat, heard frantic meowing and that’s when they realized the cat was stuck in the tree.

They tried absolutely everything they could to entice the cat to climb down but nothing seemed to work. They even called the local fire department but after coming out to check the situation, they determined, the didn’t have the proper equipment needed to get the cat down. It was estimated the cat was about 100 feet in the air.

Well, Johnny Giltner, a local arborist with a big heart, saw the story a local news Facebook page and decided to help out. Thursday morning, he met KHQ reporter Cynthia Johnson at the home just after 6:30am to begin the climb to rescue the cat named Gypsy.

Cynthia says the cat was so far up in the tree, no one could see him, they could only hear him meowing. Giltner made it up the tree successfully and place the cat inside a zippered back pack until he made it safely back down to the ground.