Little Calico Kitten Goes From Feral Life to the Good Life

A feral calico kitten and her ginger brother were found with no mom. They were scared and hiding in the bushes and wouldn’t want to be near any humans. Now just a few months later, they can’t get enough of love.

This is Luna who was rescued as a feral along with her brother Neville.

“Luna Lovegood, a kitten whose name comes from the world of Harry Potter, is no stranger to unpleasant living conditions. Like the boy wizard who lived in a cupboard under the stairs, Luna and her brother, Neville Longbottom, were spotted in the bushes between a Vancouver costume store and a construction site,” Tania Hennessy, a VOKRA foster and Vancouver-based artist specializing in cat and kitten photography told the fine folks at Love Meow.

When they found her, she was just a grumpy little feral kitty.

“At just two months old, the kittens were exposed to the many dangers that homeless animals face. Staff at Watts Costume Rentals spotted the wilderness-dwelling kittens and called the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA).

Luna and Neville received medical attention, flea removal, and an awful lot of bathing, and then a fortuitous foster home was found.”

Tania then took them into her foster home and started taming the kittens one small step at a time.

“Although they expressed their extreme displeasure at first, they were young enough to be tamed and slowly came around,” she said.

And after just a few short months, what a stunner she’d become!

She and her brother have found their forever loving home together!

Photos by Tania Hennessy and Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association

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