This Common Weed Could Kill Your Dog or Cat, Warns Top Animal Charity!

UNITED KINGDOM – The “deadly” weed may become lodged in your animal’s skin, feet, nose, mouth, ears, or genitals

This video reveals a serious warning to pet owners as a top animal charity advises that a common weed could kill your dog or cat.

The footage released by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) reveals that foxtail grass has indeed proved deadly.

And it highlights that dog walkers need to take good care when out with their pets.

A foxtail is a ‘spikelet’ which carries a foxtail grass seed.



The weed is common across the UK but can also be found in parts of the United States.

According to the charity, this particular weed can lodge in your animal’s skin, feet, nose, mouth, ears, or genitals.

They say the spikelet has a sharp, spiky tip so it can drill into the ground to germinate and can also burrow into a cat or dog’s body.

It can travel to the brain and even to the internal organs, causing pain, infection, abscesses, perforated lungs, and even death.

Although long-haired dogs are at a higher risk of foxtails, short-haired dogs with open, upright ears are also especially vulnerable, as the barbs may sail directly into the ear canal.

Mimi Bekhechi, who is the director at PETA UK told “Foxtail can get lodged between dogs’ toes or stuck in their eyes or ears, and if it becomes embedded, it can cause severe infections.

“Foxtail can also get into their lungs, spine, or other internal organs, and some cases may be fatal.

“Guardians can protect their animal companions by keeping them away from overgrown, scrubby areas and sticking to roads and wooded areas, as opposed to meadows, where foxtail grasses grow, when out for a walk.”

What should you do if you find some foxtail on your animal?

If you find a foxtail in an animal’s fur, you may carefully remove it with tweezers.

if it’s in any way lodged in the skin or you suspect that it has entered the animal’s body, you should call your vet immediately.