Artist Hand-Sculpts People’s Cats To Immortalize Their Friendship

Elise is an artist who makes miniature cat statues that she sells online in high demand. The statues are very lifelike, and inspired by the endless love Elise has for her cat.

“My first sculpture was finished on my cat’s 8th birthday, 25 September, 2015,” Elise says. The statues take about 30 days to get completed, and due to the incredible demand, Elise is currently not taking new orders until she’s completed everything on her schedule. If you, however, want to immortalize your love for cats, it’s better to order it in advance. You can find Elise on Facebook and Instagram – just search for D’Cat Statue.

According to the artist, the statues are not just a perfect reproduction of the cats. She also tries to catch the free spirit of cats with her work, and if you ask us, she’s succeeded. Check out the breathtaking statues below: