Couple’s Birthing Photoshoot Goes Viral, And People Don’t Know What To Think

Lucy Schulz and her partner Steven are cat lovers that wanted to celebrate their new kitten arrival with a photoshoot, but do it in an innovative way. They picked a crazy idea – birthing photoshoot! The photoshop included everything that happens during childbirth – the giving birth, breastfeeding and other stuff, with the kitty being the newborn. It was a crazy and innovative idea, so the album surely received different opinions.

Lucy has been fostering kittens for quite a long while and is a volunteer at the local shelter. She never had a kitty as a little girl, and once she and her partner settled in their new home, they adopted a 5-month old kitty from the SoulDog Rescue in Colorado.

“On this day, we welcome a neutered male DLH. He’s 22` long and weight 6 pounds 7 oz. He’s eating solid food. We’re not sure about the name yet, but we love him,” Lucy wrote on the post. Check out the crazy pictures below: