Girl Surprises Friend Whose Cat Recently Died – With a Special Gift!

A woman managed to bring her best friend to tears by surprising her with a kitten after her pet cat died.

In a video which was posted to YouTube on Friday, one woman clutched an adorable, black kitten, and greeted her friend at the door.

The friend was left with her mouth hanging open in total shock before she hugged her friend, cuddled the kitten and burst into tears.

A woman in glasses first posed with the kitten before the camera was put on her best friend, who opened the door in a striped hoodie.

It’s clear to see was completely surprised by the gesture!

The two didn’t even need to exchange any words in order for the surprise to sink in, and the two friends soon embraced as the kitten was handed over to its new owner.

As the woman in the striped hoodie nuzzled her face in her new pet’s fur, her friend said that the kitten looked a lot like her previous cat.

When she finally asked, ‘Do you love him?’, the woman in the striped hoodie nodded and then broke into a huge smile.

It is yet unclear just where the video was taken.

Watch the heart-warming scene right here!