Australian Police Department Adopts Hungry Stray, Makes Him Station’s Official ‘Police Cat’

AUSTRALIA – What a difference just one month makes!

Just four short weeks ago, this nameless stray didn’t know where his next meal was coming from, but a chance visit to the Bourke Police Department changed everything.

“A cold and hungry cat appeared at Bourke Police Station, and over the next few weeks this cat has adopted the Bourke Police Station as his new home,” states a post on the Facebook page of the Darling River Police Force in New South Wales, Australia. “He enjoys lots of cuddles, chasing mice, walking about the station and assisting officers with their paperwork.”

The station’s most recent recruit is much healthier now, too, thanks to the department.

“Police at Bourke have taken him to the vet, had him desexed, wormed, vaccinated and micro chipped and is now officially the Bourke Station Cat,” the Facebook post also mentions.

It’s truly adorable just how adored this one cat has become in Bourke, the proof is in the Facebook posts, which include him trying on his new police collar and pawing at a brand-new cat tree, which keeps the kitty busy when he’s not cracking cases.

“Look at what my police family brought me today!” a post says of the climbing station. “Just quietly I think they love me as much as I love them #fureverhome #stationcat

On Sunday, after running an online contest, the department announced the cat’s new name, which is a nod to a drink made right in Bourke.

“Darling River Command would like to officially introduce you to P.C. (Police Cat) Splashe, inspired by Bourke’s local hero Splashe Cola,” states a Facebook update. “Thank you to everyone for your suggestions and assisting us with a very important task. Stay tuned for updates on P.C. Splashe and his antics on this Page.”

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