Move Over, Mistletoe! Cat Breaks Into Gift Basket and Discovers New Kind of Holiday Trouble for Cats!

ENGLAND – A cat was ‘feeling very sorry for himself’ after it snuck into his owner’s Christmas gift basket and scoffed a cake which was full of sherry and brandy.

Monty, who is an 11-year-old feline, is currently recovering after it was sick on the hallway rug after he had devoured the rich cake full of alcohol-soaked sultanas, nuts, and cherries.

11-year-old Monty (pictured) is currently recovering after eating the cake which was full of alcohol-soaked sultanas


Emma Faunch, who is 42, had only received the festive gift basket, which contained the homemade fruit cake and other items the day before.

She left it on the kitchen table at her home in Hammersmith, west London, for just a short period of time as she went out.

However, the greedy cat managed to get its paws on the treat and eat a large portion of it.

Once she had returned and realized what the cat had done, she rushed Monty to the Blue Cross animal hospital in Victoria, London, where the vet checked his kidneys and kept him in overnight on fluids for observation.

Ms. Faunch stated: ‘He’s a very naughty boy and likes to steal food. I’d left the hamper on the table overnight and it had been fine as it was wrapped up with cellophane.

‘I went out in the morning and forgot about it. When I returned I found the hamper ripped open, a half-eaten Christmas cake and Monty drinking water and looking worse for wear. He looked very sorry for himself.

‘The vet was a little concerned about Monty’s kidneys at first so they kept him in overnight on a drip to help flush out toxins.

‘Happily the next day they called to say he was OK and that his bloods and kidneys were fine and that I could bring him home.’

Monty went home with a prescription for a ‘light diet’ of only plain chicken and white fish.

Ms. Faunch went on to add: ‘He’s been feeling very sorry for himself. He’s much better now but he’s only got back to his old self over the last 24 hours.’

The greedy cat devoured the rich cake (pictured) full of alcohol-soaked sultanas, nuts and cherries


This wasn’t, however, the first time Monty has stolen a sweet treat.

The greedy pet steals so much food that his owner has, in the past, been forced to lock up cupboards to protect her shopping.

She notes: ‘I can’t leave anything out otherwise he steals it. He’s a loveable little monster.’

Isobel McCarroll, who is a Blue Cross vet, stated: ‘Monty overindulged after finding the tasty treat.

‘It was an unfortunate accident and Emma did the right thing by bringing him in immediately to be checked over.

‘The festive season presents a world of hidden dangers to pets, from toxic foods to dangerous seasonal plants.

‘Sultanas and raisins are toxic to dogs and even small amounts can lead to severe kidney failure while alcohol can prove fatal.

‘Luckily Monty was fine and could go home with Emma the next day after being checked over.’