Baby Ziggy Meows for the Very First Time and She Sounds Just Like a Duck!

Baby kitten Ziggy is just 2 weeks old and she’s being bottle fed by her loving foster mama. After she eats in the clip below, she begins to meow for the first time and it’s such an adorable sound. However, honestly, we feel she sounds a bit like a baby duck quacking!

Ziggy appears to be shivering but her foster mama went on to explain: “I promise you this kitten was not in the least cold. This kind of shaking is very normal while they are building new muscles and exerting them as they grow. This kitten was extremely well cared for, and believe me when I tell you I have cared for hundreds of infant kittens and am well aware of their need for appropriate warmth.”

What a great foster mama for caring and looking after so many abandoned kittens.