Boy In the Philippines Who Inspired the World By Starting An Animal Shelter … Still Going Strong!

SOUTHERN PHILIPPINES – Ken was only 9 years old at the time and he had a vision. He is now 11.

Instead of doing “kid things” like playing video games and watching super hero movies, Ken has become a sort of Super Hero himself.

Ken began to feed and care for street dogs and cats because …

“I felt sorry for the dogs with no owners while other dogs around the world are being pampered,” Ken told Pet360 in an email back in 2014. “it wasn’t really fair. Plus they were really skinny.”

According to Ken back then, the dogs were malnourished and had health problems and, the pups wouldn’t even let him get too close to him. But after several feedings, the dogs warmed up to Ken and they allowed the boy to help them.

According to Pet360 back in 2014:

“When animal lovers found out what Ken was doing, donations started to roll in, and Ken and his father were able to start a non-profit animal shelter called Happy Animals Club. The donations helped three dogs—Blackie, Brownie and White Puppy—receive high-quality canned food and veterinary treatment. After two months with Ken at Happy Animals Club, the dogs look like completely different animals and will be available for adoption soon.”

In May of the same year, Ken and his father leased a 10,000-square-foot lot, where Ken hopes to build a functioning, no-kill animal shelter to help more dogs in need.

“I want the dogs to have a home, where they can have shelter, eat and have fun,” said Ken.

Ken’s goal has always been to rescue dogs from the city pound, where most animals are put down. On the Happy Animals Club website, Ken explains that finding good homes for dogs is a challenge because most people in the Philippines want purebred dogs and not mutts. But Ken states that mutts “are just as smart, just as loyal, and just as loving.”

Even at such a young age, Ken seems to understand the amazing bond that dogs have with humans. It’s that bond that is driving him to reach his goal of saving dogs in need. “Nothing loves you more than a dog,” says Ken. “That’s why they are nicknamed man’s best friend.”


We here at The Best Cat Page were recently snooping around the Happy Animals Club website and we noticed Ken has been getting more and more involved with of all things … CATS!

We took it upon ourselves to contact Ken himself for an update on his progress now that some years have passed.

Ken told us here at The Best Cat Page, “We now have 24 cats, including some newly rescued newborn kittens that we have found on the street.”

He went on to say that running the Happy Animals Club has had its ups and downs and also its hard times.

“About a year my story went viral the donations have decreased. Also we have had only one adoption so far (it was kitten named Scotch.)”

Ken went on to say, “Most people here just want pure breeds.”

We asked Ken what his plans were for the shelter.9-min

“I want more of our animals to be adopted and I want people to see pure breeds and mixed breeds equally, and most of all I want the Happy Animals Club to last forever and to make shelters every where.”

“Whenever I come across an animal in distress, I help it or I ask someone in my crew to help it. We have around 60 animals (in the club) right now.”

We asked Ken what would help him keep his shelter up and running and he responded, “The shelter needs monthly subscribers (sponsors.)”

Ken hopes to find are people, individuals, who are able to sponsor the club for even just $20 or $30 per month. While adoptions have been slow going, the animals in his care are indeed in a better place than they would be if they were still in the street.

Ken admits that donations have decreased sharply since his original story broke a few years ago.

In conclusion we also asked Ken what his advice for the all the cat people of the world is and he answered simply, “If you see a stray animal on the street, please, (at least), feed him/her.”

Since Ken began his projects, he has also had some T-N-R experience! Watch this heart-warming video of Ken preparing street cats to be spayed and neutered.

Please visit the Happy Animals Club Official Website to learn more about this wonderful kid!

Or follow Ken and the club on Facebook:
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What a truly wonderful inspiration this boy continues to be!