Bailey the Cat Thinks He’s a Dog! He Chases Kangaroos and Growls at the Mailman!

AUSTRALIA – The video below shows the very moment a feisty cat took on a kangaroo that had strayed too close to his home.

The footage, which was shot in Canberra, shows the protective moggy dashing after the kangaroo on a suburban street.

Bailey the cat is well-known for acting like a dog, and even growls at the postman when he delivers the mail.

And it seems his canine capabilities and tendencies go even further than that, with the cat unafraid of the kangaroo despite it being more than three times his size.

The startled kangaroo clearly felt the need to bounce away with its tail between its legs after the cat turned on it and chased it off the road.

Bailey’s owner Ann Connell d explained to 9 News that her pet was raised with her ‘fairly aggressive’ German shepherd and has taken on many of the dog’s traits.

‘He does patrol the neighbourhood, he goes around the houses,’ she stated.

‘When someone rings the doorbell, he gets up and runs to the door and growls,’ she went on to say.

‘There’s a guy who delivers community papers, Bailey follows him around every house, and when he gets to my letterbox he stands in front of him and growls.’

Ms. Connell went on to add that her cat is protective around her grandchildren and another pet dog.

Despite his feisty demeanor, Ms. Connell still insists that Bailey is quite popular, in a good way, with all the neighbors.