12 Signs Cats Have Completely Taken Over Your Home

These are the true signs that cats have taken over your home.

1. Drawers are not for clothes anymore, they are for cats.

2. Every window is now Cat TV.

3. Your household doors now double as cat perches.

4. You now have a cheering section when you shower …

5. … In fact, almost any visit to the bathroom shall now be a group activity. Or an attempted one.

6. Each and every nook or cranny is a cat fort waiting to happen.

7. The area underneath the couch is basically a hoarder’s treasure nest.

8. Toilet paper is very rarely found still on the roll.

9. Sinks are actually kitty relaxation basins.

10. Ownership of food is quite fluid and negotiable.

11. No matter how many computers you have in your home, you won’t be able to use them.

12. What’s the most telling sign? Well of course, you always wake up to the cutest, cuddliest roommate around.

via welovecatsandkittens.com
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