Bearded Man Becomes Dad to Three Tiny Feral Kittens!

Three tiny kittens were born to a stray cat, and this bearded man became the father they never had.

The young man had been feeding the stray cat for quite awhile, then one day she introduced three little surprises to her human friend!

“The stray kitty had three kittens… Meet Ash, Arctica and Ace,” reddit user Alexisgabriele wrote.


Hoping this would be her first and last litter, he is planning to get the kitty spayed once she’s ready.

“She will be fixed as soon as she’s able, as will the babesters, who already have homes once they’re weaned.”

Now eyes opened, ears perked up, the kitty gang loves to tackle their human dad!

He was the dad they never had and he has found loving homes for all of them.