Man Saves Kitten Stuck In a Jar

A kind man came across a kitten that needed help and the little kitten was ever so thankful for what he did.

“I found stray cats rummaging through my trash. They scattered, but one tiny kitten was left behind, with her head stuck inside a glass jar of bacon grease. She was soaking wet, which led me to believe she’d been stuck in the jar all night during the rainstorm,” cobysev writes.

“I rushed her to the nearest animal hospital… and they managed to get the jar off her head. They also had to warm her up, as her core body temperature was dangerously low. She was exhausted and spent the car ride home napping.”

“Despite being a stray, she was quite affectionate. I named her Bacon Bit, after a suggestion from a friend. She’s quite the curious one.”

“Finally got her to eat. Despite being a tiny kitten, she wolfed down a lot of food.”

“She’s about 8 weeks old and adapting to domestic life just fine after a couple days.”

“She’s very loving and a shoulder-sitter.”

“I couldn’t keep her away from me; she was constantly purring and rubbing against me.”

Best of all, the kitty whose head was once stuck in a jar in the trash, has a loving forever home.

What a great rescue story!

Photos via imgur.