Biker Rescues Frightened Kitten on Super Busy Highway – Then Goes One Step Further And …

A biker was just out riding down an extremely busy highway when he noticed traffic beginning to slow down ahead of him.

He decided to ride forward and saw another biker bending down, apparently to pick something up.

It was a wee one of a kitten who was absolutely terrified!

The little kitten was filthy and shaking with fear.

“Cats are my weakness. I can’t just leave it here,” the biker stated.

The biker immediately took the kitten and safely secured him into his helmet.

Slowly but surely, the biker rode the kitten all the wat to his own home.

“She happened to be a very lovely kitty. She follows me around and always wants to be with me,” the man stated.

And so, he began caring for the kitten, providing her warmth, food, and love.

After a trip to the vet and some medicine to clear up a slight upper respiratory infection, this wee one is surely in good hands.

And it looks like she even found her forever home.

Watch the breath-taking rescue in the video below!