Kitten Meowed Her Way Right Into A Man’s Heart And He Raises Her As His Own!

A kind, young man found a tiny orphaned kitten right in his own backyard, after hearing lots of meowing.

“Found this little one in my backyard in a hole under the fence. She was the runt and the mom abandoned her after moving the litter,” he commented via Imgur.

A wall had to be torn up in order to save the kitty’s life. Afterward, he began to call the wee one ‘Baby’.

This wee one was so small that she had to be bottle fed every 2 hours in order to help her recover.

She couldn’t even open up her eyes for the first 10 days. However, once day 11 came around, her eyes were open and the adventures began!

Today Baby is a complete cuddle bug and totally loves her human dad.

“She ended up being a very pretty and very loving cat. I never wanted a pet but I’m glad I have her.” Goes to show how much better life is with pets!