Black Kitten Survives Being Tossed from Car Window onto Highway!

MASSACHUSETTS – A black kitten was injured and his siblings were killed after they were all tossed from a moving car onto the highway, says the the Center for Animal Rescue and Education.

The kittens were thrown from a car on Route 24 in Bridgewater this past Sunday, according to the center. They were all placed inside a bag before they were cruelly hurled from the window. “Freeway,” the name rescuers gave the surviving kitty, bounced from the bag when it hit the ground.

“I say it time and time again, I can not comprehend how some humans can be so deliberately cruel and evil,” stated a center worker on Facebook.

A driver stopped and scooped Freeway and his siblings up and rushed all of them to a veterinarian, according to the center, but only Freeway survived. His leg was injured and there was talk of euthanizing him at first, said the center. X-rays showed the animal’s leg was not broken, but did sustain some nerve damage. The center, which works to adopt out animals, decided to pick the cat up.


“Only time will tell if [he] gets full use of his leg or not, but it won’t stop him from leading a full and happy life,” said the worker. “He drags his back leg somewhat but he is a tough little man and will be fine either way.”

The center hopes that anyone who saw someone toss a bag out a car window on Route 24 on Sunday to call the center at 508-994-0220.