Germany Just Dropped A Cat Commercial That’s Beyond Weird! – VIDEO!

Look, we all know that commercials come in many varieties . There are sad commercials, sentimental commercials, happy ones, nostalgic commercials, political piees, and even creepy commercials trying to sell you some erectile dysfunction medication. Then, however, there are the weird commercials, including the ones you can’t tear your eyes away from even though you have no idea what the heck is happening. We’ve got one of those right now here for you today. It’s from a German company, and it features cats shopping at the grocery.

Netto is actually a Danish discount grocery store, but this strangely adorable cat commercial was created for the company’s German stores. In the video below, the cats get their own mini shopping carts and wander around the store picking up tuna and “veggie mice.” One cat begins meowing when another feisty feline grabs the very last item on the shelf. The commercial also is completely filled with techno music that features a bunch of weird meow noises. Who dreams up these things?

Honestly, this commercial is really strange and perhaps would have been better without the disco music, but it does feature adorable felines playing with soda boxes and pretending to check out at the grocery register. It’s like the cutest and strangest cat calendars and cat videos have all been mashed up into one short commercial.

Have a peak!