Boise Cat Owner Believes Cat-napper Is On the Loose, Starts Facebook Page!

IDAHO – Is someone in Boise stealing other peoples’ cats?

One cat owner tells KBOI 2News not only does she think there’s a cat-napper on the loose, but someone’s stolen more cats than you would believe.

Erin Liedtke started the Facebook page Catch the Boise Cat Napper
after all 5 of her cats went missing, with other neighbors coming forward saying they have missing cats, too.

“I counted like 25 in March that were just gone,” Liedtke stated.

Included in those 25 or so missing cats from back in March were two of Liedtke’s.

Since that time, she has been compiling every missing cat post in Boise.

Flier for two of the many cats in Boise gone missing since March. (KBOI photo)

Flier for two of the many cats in Boise gone missing since March. (KBOI photo)


Between Facebook posts, fliers on the street, and also Craigslist ads asking people if they’ve seen missing cats, Liedtke explains there’s been at least 100 more since the initial 25 who went missing in March.

According to Liedtke, for the most part, the cats seem to be missing from the same exact areas.

For people in these neighborhoods, the trend has become quite concerning.

“A lot of neighbors have been concerned,” Liedtke stated. “They’re like, so it starts with cats, what’s next? Dogs? Kids?”

Some may say cats going missing is just something that happens, especially when many of them live outside and are free to roam.

However, Liedtke doesn’t believe these cats are just wondering off or getting scooped up by birds of prey.

She is totally convinced there is something more to the disappearances.

“If it was an animal, an owl, it would be like one a night spread out over whatever, but it’s not,” Liedtke stated.

Of the 100 or so cats, Liedtke has a record of going missing not a single one of them has ever been found.

She thoroughly believes someone or a group of people is responsible for all these cats disappearing and hopes her Facebook page will draw attention to the issue, and perhaps, get the person(s) to stop.